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Concept labels and boxes of red wine. As research shows, minimalism – regardless of the emerging trends – is always greatly valued. The principle of „less is more” works referring both to the number of used colors, font types as well as graphics. The entire project is for sale, for the agency or the manufacturer of wine.

What inspired us to create Casperand brand was the mythological link between adjacent constellations in the sky, namely Cassiopeia, Perseus and Andromeda.
According to Greek mythology Cassiopeia was a beautiful Ethiopias queen and mother of Andromeda. Nereids – due to their envy of Cassiopeia’s beauty – convinced Poseidon to take revenge on the kingdom. The god of seas sent the sea monster Ketos who devastated the country. The only hope for the kingdom was to sacrifice Andromeda to Ketos. However, the princess was saved by Perseus who killed the monster and consequently married Andromeda.
Hence, the name of the brand embraces the abbreviations of those three constellations: Cassiopeia (CAS), Perseus (PER), Andromeda (AND).  My aim was to have a brand which would evoke some mystery which would taste of a good wine and make one think of a  Mediterranean climate.